How to Kickstart Your Startup Project Through Crowdfunding
by Sharon-Louise Noonan, 09th March 2015
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Dublin Startup Marketing Club organised an event that showcased a series of presentations on crowdfunding campaigns. These presentations focus on providing entrepreneurs with insights and tips on how to build their brand and to kickstart new projects with the aid of crowdfunding. If you were unable to attend this exciting event then don't panic! Our team at Inspired Startups covered the event and we can now share the experience with you here...


  "If You've Got the Capability You'll Get There!"

The first video shows the presentation made by entrepreneur Dave Ingram. Mr. Ingram is the founder of The Pip which is a portable stress management solution that identifies stress through blood flow and skin responses. He talks through his company's progress and challenges and how rewarding the process has been.

Mr. Ingram attributes much of his brand success to Kickstarter, which is an online platform that allows company's to raise money and boost their profile  through financial support from interested parties and backers. He describes Kickstarter as being the window to the world and that the feedback that you receive is invaluable.

This presentation provides practical insights into every aspect of running a Kickstarter campaign to help other entrepreneurs with their crowdfunding projects:


  "Show Off Your Brand in the Best Possible Light":

Andrew Hetherington offers the basics behind crowdfunding. He works as a professional fundraiser in the creative sector. He noticed the benefits of Kickstarter in the United States and wanted to create a similar Irish platform that could help people here use crowdfunding as a means of generating finance. This led to the creation of Fund It. He talks about the characteristics of successful crowdfunding campaigns and also the pitfalls that people regularly fall into.

This presentation is a must see for any entrepreneur who is looking to raise monetary funds for their start-ups through a crowdfunding platform:


  "Create Your Product with a Personal Style":

Alba Saldana speaks about how you can  bring your crowdfunding project to life through video and images. She talks through what constitutes a successful video and discusses how our culture has evolved -  how the internet has changed our habits. We prefer to consume our information in a visual format like videos. Ms. Saldana explains how you don't need a big budget for your video production -  a good idea and creativity is more important.

This presentation is great for advising the do's and don'ts of how to make the most of brand promotion through videos:  

Author: Sharon-Louise Noonan

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