Wearable Ireland - Opportunities in the Wearable Market
by Rado Durina, 19th October 2014
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"Wearable Wednesdays are an open community forum focused on the blending of technology, art and humanity in the Wearable Technology ecosystem."

The Dublin Wearable Wednesday quarterly aims to bring together Ireland's leading authorities, and global representatives, on Wearable Technologies and the Internet of Things, as well as businesses and startups with an interest in the solutions available to both consumers and businesses across the following spaces:  

- Internet of Things - Wrist - Motion Tracking/3D - Connected Devices - Health - Fitness - Retail - Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality - Components / B2B. 


If you couldn't make it to the second in series Wearable Wednesday Ireland meetup, InspiredStartups.com now gives you the chance to catch up on the latest trends and business opportunities presented by some of the industry leaders in IoT during the Wearable night.


 Redg Snodgrass, founder and CEO of Wearable World – San Francisco based wearable tech accelerator programme, shares his vision on wearable industry and its relevance to technology startups. Redg also discusses wearable tech ecosystem; shares his tips and outlines emerging opportunities for European startups:


Noel Murphy, Quark Engineering Manager at Intel Corp., discusses where the IoT and wearable technology is heading and how it is impacting different industry sectors. If you are into tech startups you now have the chance to figure out your next tech business opportunity: 


Health is the biggest market in wearable tech and it represents huge opportunities for startups. In the last presentation: David Doherty, co-founder of 3G Doctor, discusses mHealth and Wearables, giving insights into how the transition of the Internet to a device dominated network has impacted and will continue to impact on the healthcare industry using real-world case studies:

Author: Rado Durina

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