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"Ireland's First Design & Hardware Hackathon was like no other event. It brought together makers, entrepreneurs, techies, designers and "IoT" innovators and united them with one common goal - to give birth to their cool ideas and prototype the next generation of connected hardware. Watch them in action now!"
" brings you exclusive video coverage of GLAZED Conference organised by @WearableWorld. #GLAZEDCon will bring you up to speed on latest trends and opportunities in wearable tech shared by most brilliant minds in the industry. Learn how to create amazing wearables and get the inside track on funding and scaling a hardware startup!" gives you the chance to catch up on the latest trends and startup opportunities around the Internet of Things and wearable technology, presented by industry leaders: Redg Snodgrass at Wearable World, Noel Murphy at Intel and David Doherty at 3G Doctor, during the most recent Wearable Wednesday Ireland.
"We have seen it too many times: you have a great startup idea, but you don't have the right skills, the right team and the right support to bring your idea to life. Ireland's Hardware Hackathon proves the notion false. The Hackathon attracted more than 100 entrepreneurs, developers & tech enthusiasts from across Ireland. Watch them in action now!"
by Rado Durina  -19th Aug '14
" have recently participated in Startup Weekend, a weekend-long entrepreneurial workshop where aspiring entrepreneurs, designers and developers get together, pitch ideas, form teams and build startups in the space of 54 hours. After this incredible Startup Weekend workshop which took place in Google in Dublin, we decided..."