Samuel Lehane

Samuel is a chartered accountant and self employed business advisor working for Virgin StartUp in London, where he helps entrepreneurs to develop and nurture their business plans and financials to make them investment and operationally ready. In his spare time, he is helping to curate on June 20th, with a theme of Emerging Cultures and Ideas, whilst working on a new this space!! Having worked in the Restructuring & Recovery Services sections of KPMG and Smith & Williamson in Dublin, he volunteered for 9 months in an Irish social enterprise called, after which he moved to London to lead the start up of Camara’s operation there.
So, you want to set up your own business? Let’s get in control of the controllables for your entrepreneurial journey, so that you can make the most of what will no doubt be a bumpy ride! This article is particularly aimed at someone who may not have a concrete business idea yet, but thinks they want to begin their startup journey.