Educational Software ThoughtBox Apps Founder Cristina Luminea Edutains Us on Launchpad Programmes and Her Experience of Helping 25 New Startups Together with European Pioneers
by Susan Clarke, 09th December 2014
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"Inspiring talks with founders sharing their real startup stories and entrepreneurial insights!"

In this episode we talk to Cristina Luminea (Founder & CEO at ThoughtBox - Dublin based startup helping brands engage young segments through edutainment and interactivity). ThoughtBox Apps, supported by the NDRC and Wayra, were named as one of the Best of App Store 2012. This year Cristina has been named as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30s in Ireland and she has been involved in partnering with the European Pioneers to help 25 young startups in Europe over the next 2 years.  

Despite a successful corporate career, Cristina shares her experience of leaving it all behind to start something out of nothing with Thoughtbox! Learn about her startup story and get a taste of what it is really like to be an entrepreneur!:

 Cristina's Startup Story (Interview Highlights): 

1) From her own startup to helping other startups, Cristina shares her experience of helping 25 new startups together with European Pioneers (1.45)

2) Cristina tells us about the early days of Thoughtbox, from being part of an incubator programme, to throwing away the plan and starting again! (4.31)

3) Tips for getting the most from an incubator programme (8.06)

4) The Pros and Cons of a launchpad programme! Cristina's experience of leaving the incubator programme and taking her first steps in the big bad world! (10.31)

5) The high points of Cristina's startup journey......need some inspiration?...this will inspire you!!! (13.06)

6) The next phase of Thoughtbox. Cristina talks about building partnerships with Easons and Fyffes(14.30)

7) The transition from corporate business woman to startup star! (17.00)

8) Cristina talks about where she thinks startups in Ireland still need funding (20.01)

9) Entrepreneurs! Support each other! (27.12)

10) Cristina's contact details (28.11) 

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down. An Entrepreneur needs to be passionate, to be open to suggestions but be thinking one step ahead, run the numbers and always question if  what you're doing is sustainable."

Cristina Luminea, Founder and CEO at ThoughtBox


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Are you a new startup? Tell us your experience of being part of an incubator programme. How did it help you? What did you feel it lacked?

Cristina talked about the stress of wondering where the next funding will come from. Is this your biggest stress right now? Share it here, maybe someone has some advice...

Author: Susan Clarke

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