Conor McNally Makes Cloud Based Video Editing Possible Through Startup Shotclip Building Investor Relationships
by Andrew McCosker, 20th June 2014
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Welcome to talks with founders sharing their real startup stories! 

In this episode, we chat with Conor McNally (Co-Founder of, storybuilding smartphone app and collaborative cloud based video editor that enables skilled movie-making of the popular events shared on social networks), to learn about his startup story and to gain insights of what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

Conor's Startup Story (Interview Highlights):

- Conor's startup ShotClip: social movie making at an event & cloud based video editing

- Conor explains ShotClip's pivots and revamps to get the correct product/market fit to attract investors

- His content marketing strategy of building relationships with bloggers in South America that lead to 1000's of users in one day

- Tips on resources necessary to back up a product patent and intellectual property

- Conor's early experience with technical sales and pitching to giants Samsung and Ericsson

- Conor's wide experience of the corporate environment, completing an MBA and now as a fully fledged Founder

- Seed Funds, the Angel Community and the opportunities Accelerator Programmes give to startups in Ireland to get investment


Did you get inspired? Why don't you ask Conor a question or share your thoughts on the following:

1. Can you relate to Conor's story about getting bloggers to talk about your product? 

2. Which efforts have been successful for you in getting investors across the line?

3. Conor merits academic life and first hand experience to his success. What has worked for you?

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Author: Andrew McCosker

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