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"Everything wants to be smart these days. I recently I saw a kettle that aspired to a more intelligent existence, the AppKettle. With all these robots upping their game, us non plugged in beings need to start getting our brains in gear, or they’ll be our bosses before we know it. Ray Kurzweil predicts that Robots in 2029 will outsmart us all..."
Kickstarter is the most popular crowdfunding platform. Every type of creative project under the sun can be brought to life with the help of individual funders. It’s a great way to raise capital to bring your idea to the market. If you are planning to kickstart your startup this article will help you explore and learn from successful campaigns."
As a startup managing your cashflow is of the utmost importance. Every penny spent on expenses has the opportunity cost of funding further growth. There is help at hand. We have compiled a list of innovative startups that will save you money and will get you thinking about how to enhance your growing business!