To Be Fitter, Faster, Stronger Doesn't Mean Loosing Your USP's! Rory McInerney Shares His Startup Story and Tells Us How Small Businesses Can Avoid the Pitfalls of Expansion
by Susan Clarke, 19th December 2014
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"Welcome to inspiring talks with founders sharing their real startup stories!"

In this episode, we chat to Rory McInerney. Rory is the founder of FITTER FASTER STRONGER - one of Ireland's most innovative fitness communities. Through FFS Rory is working with elite athletes throughout the country. FFS, however, pride themselves not only on their association with the elite but in their dedication to working with people of all levels of conditioning and experience. Rory's philosophy is that:

Anything worthwhile in life never comes easy. 

Learn about Rory's startup story and get a taste of what it is really like to be an entrepreneur!:

  Rory's Startup Story (Interview Highlights):  

1) Rory explains what's so unique about his gym Fitter Faster Stronger and the training model he uses

2) With NO background in business, Rory explains how he took an idea he believed in, to developing a business model and to the moment he opened the doors of the gym!

3) Nothing just happens! Rory takes us through his months of working in other jobs but also working on his idea all the time too! Those months of preparation paid off!

4) 'Get people on board to compensate for your weaknesses'. Rory explains how he built his team (and talked some friends into the business!)

5) They say 65% of businesses that open a second branch, fail in the 1st year. Rory talks us through his tips for small business expansion

6) Building a community around your business

7) Be prepared for the workload! Rory talks us through the early days when it might seem like there aren't enough hours in the day!

8) Rory's three key pieces of advice for any business startup!



Why don't you share your startup experience with other entrepreneurs in the comments below:

Do you have a great  idea for a product or startup but not having a background in business is holding you back from getting it going? Tell us! Get inspiration from Rory's story!  

Rory talked about being able to go to key people for support and advice, the ones who encouraged him and the ones who grounded him. Who's been your most valuable advisor? Why? What can you share with our community now to encourage others?

Rory told us, 'you are your company's best asset. Don't undervalue yourself!' Was this good to hear?! Don't forget to believe in yourself!

In the early days of his business Rory talked about the hours he put in to making sure the customers he had got the absolute best service possible in his gym. Tell us about some strategies you used to ensure your first customers stayed with you. What advice can you give others in this situation?

Author: Susan Clarke

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