Latest Trends in the Wearable World (#GLAZEDCon)
by Rado Durina, 31st October 2014
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"Glazed Conference - The Dawn of the Wearable Economy (London 2014)"

Redg Snodgrass, founder and CEO of Wearable World – San Francisco based wearable tech accelerator programme, discusses trends and shares his vision on wearable industry and its relevance to technology startups. Redg also describes wearable tech ecosystem; shares his tips and outlines emerging opportunities for startups.



"Wearable technology is just about humanity as it is about the bits and bites. So what you will see is the generation of entrepreneurs that are going to grow up in the extremely empathetic environment and will have very  deep understanding of human condition. We don't understand how big the wearable market is going to be but we understand this: it will disrupt everything. One of the things that are striving this wearable movement is that corporations have gone from being very startup averse, being startup friendly to being startup cooperative. So in every one of these vertical that you see here, there are major corporations and their whole focus is working deeply integrated with startups to accelerate the movement of the wearable industry..."
Redg Snodgrass, Co-Founder and CEO, Wearable World

Redg Snodgrass is a hybrid entrepreneur / corporate executive who understands how big companies can partner with and strategically leverage innovative startups. He has been a lean mean branding positioning junky, beating competitors with larger resources and deeper experience most of his career. Unlike most corporate mavericks he's maintained the respect of his colleagues, and works to raise the bar so that everyone shares in the victory, and gets equal praise.

He was on the founding team of SKOUT. Helping to create the first social mobile application for iPhone that was both profitable, and viral. He left as the company accomplished hitting its 2.5 mm user mark and goal of sustainable profitability.

He then headed Innovation for Alcatel-Lucent / BellLabs creating the first ever Open API Service across multiple global carriers. Working with Tier one carriers like SFR, French Telecom, ATT, VzW, Sprint and Tmobile.

He eventually went to head the Alcatel-Lucent / BellLabs Open Innovation Unit helping over 400 startups connect with top carriers globally generating actual real world deployments benefiting both and generating tens of millions in revenue. This allowed him to connect with and develop relationships many of the top C-level telecom executives in nearly every continent around the world. He went on to found The Taploid a lauded innovative startup leveraging Facebook's Open Graph.

Currently Redg and Team are the Principle's at Wearable World - an incubator focused on Wearable Technologies based out of the Silicon Valley. He also sits on the board of several startups managing their Go To Market strategies.

Author: Rado Durina

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