Overview of the Wearable Ecosystem (#GLAZEDCon)
by Rado Durina, 19th November 2014
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"Glazed Conference - The Dawn of the Wearable Economy (London 2014)"

A synopsis of the Wearable Ecosystem and how it has changed over the past year. Hear the latest market projections, funding allocations, and acquisitions. Discover the major trends for the industry to better understand the future of this rapidly developing market. Mark Brooks was the Leading Analyst in the Dating industry. As he moves his attention to become the major analyst in this market as well..



"I think as you consider your startup, Peter Thiel wrote a book Zero to One and a good way of thinking about: is my company viable, can it raise money, can it be acquired - you have to consider his forces success factor that is: Is it 10 times better than the competitors? Can you get network effects? Can you get economies of scale? And do you have the power of brand?”

Mark Brooks, Founder and CEO, Wearable.ai

Mark runs Wearable.ai which serves up daily summaries of the top news and ideas for wearable computing innovators, investors and executives. Mark heads a niche consultancy that has served the business of Internet dating since 2005. It's critical that the iDating industry gets wearable computing right. So Mark is helping bridge the two industries. You can follow Mark on Twitter at @wearables_news.

Author: Rado Durina

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