Lari Numminen Raises Zilta Smarthphone Solution Past Global Barriers to Startup Marketing Club Heights
by Andrew McCosker, 12th June 2014
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Welcome to talks with founders sharing their real startup stories! 

In this episode, we chat with Lari Numminen (Co-founder of - makers of age friendly smartphones inspired by baby boomers, founder of - eCommerce consultancy and Organiser of social meetup Dublin Startup Marketing Club), to learn about his startup story and to gain insights of what it is like to be an entrepreneur.


Lari's Startup Story (Interview Highlights):

- Intertwined startup project keeping the Finnish entrepreneur busy in Finland, London and Dublin 

- Lari utilising his Google ad skills helping other startups advance while working on his own startup baby

- The Zilta Smartphone (inspired by baby boomers) meeting the target audiences feature request through innovative approaches

- Using landing page pre-order model as the first point of contact with the customer for market validation for Zilta phones

- Lari compares Dublin's Silicon Quay and Digital Hub centres to the Shoreditch London startup tech centre scene.

- Lari discusses the culture of dealing with Chinese manufacturers and shares his unique insights on global outsourcing

- Lari's view on the internet of everything, wearable technology and Zilta's support from the NDRC Launchpad Accelerator

- Lari discusses his Dublin Startup Marketing Club meetup event to help startups maximise their marketing initiatives

- Lari's prediction on global mobile technology and the upcoming trends in the mobile landscape


Did you get inspired? Why don't you ask Lari a question or share your thoughts on the following:

1. How has your experience been with startup accelerators? 

2. What is your view on Dublin Startup scene vs. the startup scene in London?

3. What has been your experience with outsourcing your projects?

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Author: Andrew McCosker

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