PCH's Liam Casey Discusses the Opportunity for Manufacturing Solutions for Startups and the New Renaissance in Prototyping
by Andrew McCosker, 11th December 2014
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"Inspiring talks with founders sharing their real startup stories and entrepreneurial insights!"

In this episode we talk to Liam Casey (Founder & CEO at PCH). PCH designs custom manufacturing solutions for Fortune 500s and startups. You may not have heard the company's name before but chances are you own some of their products! Liam shares his entrepreneur journey, PCH's success story and his passion for startups. 

Learn about Liam's startup story and get a taste of what it is really like to be a serial entrepreneur!:

 Liam's Startup Story (Interview Highlights): 

1) What Liam enjoys most about being an entrepreneur and how he saw an opportunity for PCH.

2) PCH success at being global from day one of the company.

3) Liam's inspiration for PCH's Hardware  Highway 1 incubator.

4) Opportunities around innovation from new prototyping renaissance.

5) Tips from Liam on funding the production process for startups. The do's and the don'ts!

6) Liam advises investment in design to help scale a company.

7) Liam tells us why to build and communicate with a customer community.

8) Ireland as a perfect location for the flow of global information.

9) Key learnings from Liam's entrepreneurial career

See Liam in action at our coverage of Ireland's First Design & Hardware Hackathon!

"People tell you that there is a renaissance in hardware but we actually think there is a renaissance in prototyping. This renaissance in prototyping is fuelling the renaissance in hardware, and it's because of the new materials  available for hardware, like the arduino, the raspberry pi, the Galileo from Intel. These are creating phenomenal opportunities around innovation and also this prototyping is inspiring people to make products. There is a moment of truth in hardware, that's very obvious and  it's really powerful and it's when you get that first prototype in your hand, that's when a creator or a maker gets really excited."

Liam Casey, Founder and CEO at PCH


Why don't you share your startup experience with other entrepreneurs in the comments below!

According to Liam it is the belief that anything is possible that makes entrepreneurs get up and do stuff.  What other entrepreneurial traits do you admire?

Liam tells us that to grow a company like PCH globally it is vital to keep the culture intact. Do you know of other multi-regional companies that also adheres to this rule? How does it benefit the business?

Phenomenal innovation coming out of startup events is one of the reasons why Liam is here at Dublin's Hardware Hackathon today! What has been your experiences with Startup Events?

Liam says the moment of truth in hardware is when you get that first prototype in your hand and get really excited. Let us know what  your startup "moment of truth"  was?

Author: Andrew McCosker

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