Seasoned Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Ian Lucey on Recommendations for Raising Finance and the Benefits of Cloud Computing
by Susan Clarke, 06th August 2014
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Welcome to talks with founders sharing their real startup stories! 

Ian Lucey (Founder of Lucey Technology and The Lucey Fund) waited until he was in his 30's before delving into the startup world. In this interview, we get insights into the mindset of the Irish seasoned entrepreneur, innovator and angel investor. 

Ian Lucey's Startup Story (Interview Highlights):

1) What Lucey Technology and The Lucey Fund do - the types of startups they are investing in right now. 

2) The 'learning curve of doing'-  Ian's experience of building an IT system for a charity and what he was surprised to learn.

3) Ian's recommendations for raising finance; using the government supports, tax refund schemes and knowing what's available.

4) The startup mindset vs. the reality of business; Ian tells us some pitfalls to watch out for once you're in business.

5) Smoke test your business!! This is critical for a startup and cannot be underestimated! And investors want to know if you've done it!

6) Knowing when to fold! Ian gives us an example of how he sees this as a success.

7) Ian tells us his experience of micro investments and what types of small businesses he is currently investing in. 

8) Cloud computing - Ian shares his thoughts on why cloud computing has the capacity to revolutionise any kind of business.

9) Ways to get in contact with Lucey Technology and The Lucey Fund, maybe they can help your startup! 



Why don't you share your startup experience with other entrepreneurs!

1) Ian mentions the R&D tax refund scheme. Did you know about this scheme? What's your experience of applying for it? Make sure to join Ian's campaign to get this refunded quicker to businesses!

2) Ian gave an example of  how he used a feasibility grant wisely. Did you? What's your experience of getting the most out of this grant and others?

3) Smoke testing your business and the lean startup, are you currently using these pieces of advice in testing your idea out? Let us know how it's going for you?

4) Where do you stand on the digital data debate? Do you agree with Ian that we have 'a right to be forgotten'?

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Author: Susan Clarke

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