Andreea Wade Tells Her Story and Causes Brandalism to Startup Businessses Through Sharp Strategy and Digital Brand Development
by Susan Clarke, 12th October 2014
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"Welcome to inspiring talks with founders sharing their real startup stories!"

In this episode, we chat to the awesome Andreea Wade, the founder of Brandalism, a startup strategy and digital brand development agency, and also the founder of AskATon, a series of female-friendly events focused on entrepreneurship. She lectured on digital product management at Digital Skills Academy, mentored NDRC, Wayra and New Frontiers startups. Andreea is also a co-organiser of the Dublin Startup Weekend, Creative Mornings - Dublin breakfast series, and a member of the Women in Technology and Science (WITS) executive team. 

Learn about Andreea's startup story and get a taste of what it is really like to be an entrepreneur!:

 Andreea's Startup Story (Interview Highlights): 

1) Listen to Andreea describe how she caught the entrepreneurial bug and what her business Brandalism does

2) Andreea's tips on building a customer base

3) Andreea tells us what she sees as the pitfalls for young startups in how they mis-use  valuable time

4) The do's and don'ts of building your team

5) Women entrepreneurs! 'Hell yea it's different!

6) Andreea tells us about AskATon, Dublin Startup Weekend and her most recent initiative Startup Hiking Group!

7) What has made Dublin the go to place for the startup community?

8) Andreea tells us about the community that has made her the success she is!



Why don't you share your startup experience with other entrepreneurs in the comments below:

Andreea talks about experiencing 'something happening' in Ireland at the moment and says she is seeing people getting busier. Are you experiencing this? Has it benefitted you? Let us know, it's always good to share the positives!

Andreea tells us how twitter served her business well in the early days without having a strategy. Has social media  benefited your business unexpectedly? Let us know how!

According to Andreea the No. 1 reason startups fail is people! And she talks about how important it is to surround yourself with encouraging people. Tell us who have been the biggest supporters of your ideas and how important have those people been to you?

Let us know if you were on the Meetup hike with Andreea and if you're interested or have any ideas for more startup community events!

Author: Susan Clarke

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