From Food to Photos: Niall Harbison Discusses the Highs and Lows of Being an Entrepreneur and How Startups Can Raise Awareness Using Social Media
by Susan Clarke, 31st July 2014
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Welcome to talks with founders sharing their real startup stories! 

In this episode, we chat with Niall Harbison (previously behind digital media agency, he runs foodie website and image agency co-founded with Emma-Jane Power). Learn about his startup story and get a taste of what it is really like to be an entrepreneur - with all the highs and lows!

Niall's Startup Story (Interview Highlights):

1) Niall shares his past experience with Dragons' Den and all the lessons learned from his past startup iFoods

2) Tips for startups on how to raise awareness using social media.

3) How to go about building first customers when you're starting out.

4) Executing startup idea, from the idea in the pub to making it happen!

5) Niall's experience with and perceived importance of failing at a startup.

6) How Niall started Lovin' Dublin and how he moved it on to a business.

7) Story behind Simply Zesty - identifying the moment when he realised it's time to sell and pursue new startup passions.

8) "Get Sh*t Done" - what motivated Niall to write his own guide book for other entrepreneurs.

9) Niall's next big startup dream.

10) Niall's tips on pitching to investors or customers.



Why don't you share your startup experience with other entrepreneurs!

1) What's your experience of making mistakes as a startup? Do you agree with Niall that you need to make them in order to learn? How have mistakes moved your startup forward?

2) What's your experience of building a customer base as a new startup? Niall's advice is to do this first and then look for investment, how have you gone about this?

3) Niall spoke about his experience of receiving criticism and how he dealt with it. Has your idea as a startup been rubbished? What made you keep going?

4) Finally, what are your dreams when your startup has made you millions?!!!

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Author: Susan Clarke

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