Fantasy Football for Youtube: Achman Srivastava's and Tubett's Journey of Creating A Gamified Social Network Of Videos
by Susan Clarke, 03rd September 2014
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Welcome to talks with founders sharing their real startup stories! 

In this episode, we chat with Achman Srivastava (founder of - a fun YouTube market where you can trade videos). Learn about his startup story and get a taste of what it is really like to be an entrepreneur!

Achman's Startup Story (Interview Highlights):

1) Check out, a gamified social network of viral videos. If you like fantasy football and viral videos, this is for you!

2) Learn how Achman and his team have created a game for sharing virals combined with a business model for curating information.

3) "Launch early and launch lean!" Achman gives his tips on getting your idea to grow.

4) Achman gives practical advice on how startups should measure their 'product market fit'.

5) Likes, comments shares, Achman tells us what these really mean for startups looking to generate growth.

6) Less than 1 in 100,000 videos goes viral, so what can startups do to make their videos go viral?

7) Achman gives his experience with incubator programmes for startups.

8) Learn about the  startup revolution happening in Dublin now!



Why don't you share your startup experience with other entrepreneurs now!

1. What's been your experience in bootstrapping your venture? 

2. What's been your experience of the startup scene/community in your city?

3. What's been your experience with using video content for building visibility for your startup?

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Author: Susan Clarke

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